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About Slate Patio Tiles

Why choose Slate?

If you are looking for a natural stone surface to compliment your garden Slate may be the finish you are looking for. Ashley Paving can supply quality slate paving products in a wide range of colours and finishes to give your garden the individuality and style you desire together with the peace of mind that you are choosing a stone that is strong and hardwearing for your needs.

Slate tiles boast a stunning finish in both wet and dry conditions with a depth of colour that can take on a different looks across all seasons.

Slate is fairly resistant to scratches, chips, cracks and breaks. It is an excellent choice for a busy garden and the perfect finish where there is constant activity with pets and children. It will stay looking beautiful for decades to come. Slate, being a natural stone, has a naturally riven surface that offers an anti-slip property. We do, however, recommend that you have your Slate patio sealed in order to maintain that slip free surface. Sealing also enhances the natural colour and gives a beautiful natural sheen.

Slate is exceptionally resistant to water damage and staining, making it the perfect surface when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Spillages will not be absorbed into the surface and will simply wash away. It is practically waterproof and therefore makes it very low maintenance.

Ashley Paving provide many different shapes and sizes of slate tiles so we can create interesting design patterns that will give your garden that ‘wow’ factor. Slate can be used in conjunction with other stone products to highlight certain areas, adding a stylish touch that draws the eye. Slate is a great option when it comes to pathways through your garden too.

To ensure your patio is long lasting it is important that the groundwork and laying of the tiles is carried out by experienced groundwork operatives. At Ashley Paving, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the very best service, including groundworks, supplemented by the highest quality products and of course, very finest workmanship.

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