Porcelain Patios

About Porcelain Patio Tiles

Why choose Porcelain?

Porcelain is a great option for a patios and pathways alike. It is extremely durable, low maintenance and aesthetically stunning.

Porcelain tiles are made from dense natural clay and are therefore still a natural product. It is pressed and shaped and then fired to a extremely high temperature. It is more uniform in colour but comes in many different tones.

Porcelain patios are resistant to all weather conditions as it is totally frost proof and therefore ideal in extreme temperatures. Rain cannot damage porcelain no matter how wet it gets.

Porcelain Tiles are both stain and scratch resistant making it a perfect choice for the gardens where the patio is subjected to heavy use.

A Porcelain patio can get hot if in direct sun so if your patio is a sun trap it may be preferable to choose a lighter coloured tile in order to reflect more heat.

Porcelain tiles are a brilliant product to use in very damp areas as it is resistant to water and therefore reduces moss and algae build up, making it low maintenance.

Porcelain tiles are very easy to keep clean – soapy water and a little multipurpose spray will keep it in tip top condition and remove even the most stubborn of stains.

Porcelain Tiles are extremely tough and can last 60+ years, therefore if you have an area of high traffic they are ideal as there will be no sign of wear. Porcelain is not completely waterproof but is very dense and therefore absorb very little water.

If you have large dogs porcelain is a good product as there is no possibility of your pet scratching the surface no matter how much you dog runs around the area.

Porcelain tiles can also be used on walls so you can form a continual seamless finish across your patio and garden living areas. This is ideal for creating a contemporary look that can often be found in design magazines.

Porcelain is used in many commercial settings which is testament to its strength, beauty and durability.

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