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About Granite Patio Tiles

Why choose Granite?

Granite is a great choice for a patio as it is very hard wearing, durable, non-slip and scratch resistant. It has an earthy natural look which harmonises well with most gardens.

It is an excellent choice for children and pets as it doesn’t scratch easily with heavy traffic although it can get a little hot underfoot in extreme summer conditions.

Granite is extremely long lasting (in excess of 100 years!) but can be pricier than other types of stone. There are mixed opinions on whether it needs to be sealed or not. If you choose to have it sealed it is recommended that it is left for a year to adjust to its environment.

Very little maintenance is required with a Granite patio, just a splash of soapy water if needed but, on the whole, granite slabs are perfectly capable of retaining their beauty and structural integrity for a lifetime.

Granite comes in many different colours including black, beige, green, grey, pink, and silver to name but a few. This makes it a perfect choice for a design conscious individuals or those with a definitive colour scheme in mind.

Granite is available in many different sizes which enables random laying to create individual designs that will can make your patio look really special. It has a look of absolute luxury and looks stunning when both wet and dry.

Granite comes in both slabs and setts which are like block pavers, so throughout the garden you can design different areas with the same product using different shapes and sizes.

Ashley Paving can show you the options available and we have samples available for you to get a proper idea of what the finishes are available. Call us today and we can set up a free appointment, without obligation, to meet with our patio design ideas team and provide you a detailed quote to create a beautiful new outdoor living space.

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