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About Block Paving Patio Tiles

Why choose a Block Paving Patio for your home?

Block Paving is the perfect choice for your patio. It is one of the most durable of all surfaces. It is long lasting and very low maintenance. It can tolerate everything your family can throw at it.

Block paving is available in a vast range of colours and sizes, enabling you to choose either simple clean lines or more intricate complicated designs to create that designer feel. You can choose to harmonise the colour with your house or perhaps add an interesting contrast.

We at Ashley Paving are able to work with you to come up with a design to suit the size and position of the patio. You may want to accent your seating or BBQ area or perhaps want a more uniform look, anything is possible with Block Paving.

In the UK we appear to be experiencing more extreme weather patterns, heavy rain, ice, snow and extreme heat so have to take this into consideration when building a patio. Block Paving is very tolerant to any weather conditions.

Maintenance is very simple when it comes to Block Paving, a solution of soap and water together with a stiff broom will keep you patio in tip top condition. We would not advise use of any acid based cleaner as this can damage the surface of any stone.

One of the added benefits of Block Paving is that should you wish to change areas in the future, blocks can be lifted and moved. For example if you decide to create a planting area within your patio you can easily achieve this.

Block paving is ideal when it comes to paths leading from your patio to other areas of your garden, these can be made as narrow or wide as you require enhancing the design and bringing the whole garden together.

Our friendly design team at Ashley Paving can show you Block paving samples of the various colour and size options available. We will discuss with you what you need from your garden and any ideas you may have. Your thoughts and input is important to us, to enable us to add our expert knowledge and design skills to create a stunning outdoor living area to be proud of.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, we can arrange a free appointment, without obligation to take you a step closer to a stunning new patio.

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