Sinking Driveways

  • 22nd March 2016

    One of the main concerns a customer faces when installing a new driveway is the risk of it sinking overtime.

    Why does a Driveway sink?

    When the foundations of a driveway are not laid correctly, there is a high risk of the driveway subsiding. To ensure there isn’t any risk of a driveway collapsing or showing any movement we take great care during the preparation stages of installing a driveway. All of our foundations are laid using concrete – a highly durable material suitable for a strong driveway foundation.


    Another reason for a driveway starting to shift and move is the absence of edgings. If edgings are incorrectly or not installed at all bricks and slabs will begin to spread apart overtime. To prevent this we use restraining edges along the outskirts of a driveway or patio. We offer a range of styles and colours and are happy to provide samples on site.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 20.11.04


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